About Us



In the 30 years of which we have been active in this field, thousands of manufacturers use our company’s software. All versions are also available in English, and we have already covered a large number of (many) partners in Cyprus, Australia, Canada, Tunisia etc. All these years, most of the companies who produce aluminum products for frames have participated in the program THEMELIO Software, by registering their products (them).


THEMELIO Software, started its activities as a manufacturer’s software company for window frames in 1989. Until then, the use of technology was completely unknown to the professionals window makers. But slowly, they put it in their daily routine and today they have many demands from it. We have the ability to respond to every requirement and to give innovative solutions with modern technology tools..


THEMELIO Software, with a special focus on customer service and satisfaction, has staffed the company’s support department with the right staff. Our partners are specially trained so that they can provide the appropriate support whenever it is needed.


Our goal is to create products that can cover the needs of window makers, tailored to the way each market in the world operates. Smart and innovated cost-effective solutions are the key elements for successful partnerships.